Teh Coffee Review

The wormhole grew up. it emerged from it's adorable 1980s cocoon, and became a butterflyhole. At least that's the way I remember it. I fell asleep a lot during biology. Or was it science?

I came here last year to judge in NCRBC, and it was an adorable little shop that had cozy couches everywhere and I did play some Contra on the NES. To be honest, last time the drink quality just wasn't there. You could tell they were trying, but yeah.

But one remodel, two brewers cup competitors, and 365 days later, this place is not just a cute little shop. They are serious about the coffee. The quality of drinks is stunning.

(Little fighty) Sara made me a Capp.
Visually it had places it could have been better, but the C&P was almost stupid excellent, it had some small bubbles in places. It finished with dk chocolate notes and had some of the most integrated foam I've had in this windy city.

Who is your worm daddy?