Teh Coffee Review


Republic of Pie / Republic of Coffee (seems it has two names, depending on which door you read — huh) is a new combo bakery/coffeshop/espresso bar in the North Hollywood arts district of LA.

It's clean, it's bright, and it's got an authentic mix of shiny new stuff and existing architectural elements that so many shops try to artificially create.

The front of the shop is split neatly in two: on the left is a glassed-in bakery, and on the left is a gleaming espresso bar with pastry cases and prep areas. The back half of the shop extends into what must have been huge garage in the past: the ceiling is waaaaaay up there, and skylights let a pile of light in. There are tables and chairs, of course, and some seating at the bar.

Seems there are also occasional singer-songwriter shows in the evening, which seemed out of keeping with the rest of the atmosphere but hey, whatever.

Great staff. No, really. They were friendly, efficient, and relaxed, and made a point of writing attaching names to orders to avoid confusion. The bar staff were approachable and seemed happy to answer questions about nerdy barista things.

They've got pie. Oh yes, they have delicious pie... There's also a variety of sammiches, quiche, and individual-sized pot pies if you fancy something more meal-ish. When I stopped in they had Metropolis on drip, and Handsome in the hopppers.

Also: wi-fi. Potted plants. Napkins. Water. Toilet paper in the restroom. The usual.


In short, I'm kinda in love with it. Seems like the perfect spot for a pre-theater date, an evening curl-up-with-a-thick-book session, or a quick coffee-and-quiche before you go to Joshua Tree for the weekend. Which is exactly what I did.

Yup, in love with it.